Kenya's Mission Photo

Kenya's Mission Photo

Monday, November 21, 2016


Hi mommy! 

I am so so so sad for Melanie and her family.. They are such incredible people for reacting the way that they are. But I feel like it's usually like that with people in the Gospel. Just so strong, courageous and hopeful. That is what Jesus Christ does for us. He is the Mighty Healer and Comforter. I'm sorry that you have had to watch this and cry for them, it's never easy. But she is lucky to have such a great friend like you! I am very excited for you to sing at his funeral, and you HAVE to send me the video of the entire song! You will do BEAUTIFULLY! Let them know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. The plan of Salvation is so real, and we understand it more when we experience it, I think.. 

Sooooo, new on transfers........ I am getting transferred to an area called... LORAIN!! I will be FULL-PROSELYTING!!!! At first, President called me on Sunday, released me as a Sister Training leader and told me that my new companion and I will be opening a new area in Toledo.. I was TERRIFIED all day yesterday! Toledo has a reputation of being a very, very different place. Its a counrty place, the wards are spread everywhere, and it's basically you and your companion for miles.. And I am not a "to yourself" kind of person. So I was kind of freaking out about it, on top of the fact of opening a new area.. And it's funny because my whole mission I have always said "I will go full-pro anywhere BUT Toledo!" and then it happened. But then my district leader called last night and told me I will be going to the Cleveland stake which I am SOOOO excited about! I have heard great things about this area so it will be good! Kind of nervous about having Thanksgiving and Christmas this transfer but it will be a great adventure! All I want is for my companion and I to get along well! 

I said lots of goodbyes last night and will say a lot more tonight! We were serving at sites so a family from the ward came by and said goodbye, the recent convert dad and daughter that I was talking about last week came by and and said hi. And some other people that we see a lot came by and we talked. So it was fun! Definitely felt the love.. I cried a little about leaving this ward. It has really felt like my home. All yesterday I felt like I was leaving home all over again! But I will only be gone for 2 transfers so I'll be back in February. So not long, and I'm really excited! I wish i could put it all into words everything about it! But I don't have that much time! But I am very nervous and excited about going full-pros, I will learn a lot! 

My next Preparation Day will be Thanksgiving Day. 

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