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Kenya's Mission Photo

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, April 14th - LETTER TO MOM

Monday, April 14th

Hiiiii, I have like NO time because we went to the Columbus temple today and it was SOOOO awesome! It felt so good to go to the temple finally. A ton of missionaries were able to go and that was fun. All the senior couples gave us a ride. Its able 2 and a half hours away and we JUST got back and p day ends at 6. So I dont have much time. But the temple was amazing and I will be sending you pictures in a second.
BUT I have very very big news...
That means that I will be training a brand new missionary this next transfer. It is a HUGE responsibility and I am very nervous, excited, scared, inadequate, and so happy all at once! But the Lord called me to be a trainer and I trust Him. When you get to the field you go through 12 weeks of training. So basically you are just learning how to do everything and in the morning you have an extra hour of study called "12 week." I JUST got done being trained and now I am called to train a brand new missionary. It is actually quite rare that you get called to train right after you get trained so I am very humbled that I have been trusted with this responsibility.
I got a call from President Brown on Tuesday morning and he told me the news and I was In SHOCK. I had NO idea I would be called to train. It is honestly one of the biggest responsibilities as a missionary. You set an example for this persons entire mission and you are responsible to help them become an obedient and hard working missionary. Its a little bit overwhelming but I am honestly SO excited! The relationship between your "mom and daughter" is very special and such a neat experience. So Sister Adame is my mom, her mom is my grandma, and so forth. So right now I am pregnant with my baby. Its kinda funny. But that is the big HUGE news for the week! And ALSO! My mom, sister adame has been called as a sister training leader!! We both got called to some big responsibilities ahead. I hope I can be as good of a trainer as sister adame was to me. Just pray for me to do my best and pray for my baby, whoever she is that we will get along and she will adapt well.
Email me back when you can!

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