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Kenya's Mission Photo

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday, April 25th -- GROUP EMAIL

 Monday, April 25th

Hi family!
How is everyone doing? From what my family has said, everyone is doing great which is great to hear! I miss you all and think of you throughout the week.
Everything is going so great in Ohio! We got our new schedule for the summer. And for now we will be in Kirtland for 2 days in the week and at the Johnson farm for 1 or 2 days in the week as well. I have been trying to get the history down in the Johnson farm because I have never given a tour there. But it should all go great! I feel so blessed to serve at the Johnson farm in the summer time. Only 2 sets of sisters out of around 30 of us get to serve there in the summer, and I am one of those lucky sisters!
I was told last week that I would be training this next transfer so I prepared myself so that but got a call the day before transfers telling me that one of the sisters wouldn't be coming. It's sad but all okay! I got a different companion and shes great! The Lords timing is perfect and I know that everything happens for a reason! So I'm excited to see where this transfer will take us.
Our area is great! We do a lot of finding. My companion is from the Kirtland ward and isn't so used to it. Haha. We get the Johnson farm in this area but not too many investigators. So we are doing a lot of finding for the Lords elect.
On a fun note, I still got to go to the trainers meeting a little past Cleveland this week (before I found out I wouldn't be training.) And on our way home we took a wrong turn and we some how made it to downtown Cleveland! And you know I was singing to myself "Downtown" by Macklemore the whole time. (I sing too much "Babylon" on my mission) It was an adventure. But here's the best part. We were driving to find a gas station and we were at a stop light, and a nice young (African American) man pulled up next to us. So I just smiled and waved and we kept driving. When we came to the gas station in the heart of downtown Cleveland, one of the sisters is getting gas and this nice young man that I waved to pulled up, walked up to her and says "you're beautiful can I get your number?" So of course the first thing she says, being an awkward missionary, "hehe yeah, come meet my sisters." So we are talking with this guy and start talking about the Gospel and he tells us how much he loves God and that he has tattoos all over about God. So he lifts up his shirt and insists that we look at his tattoos and the 10 commandments that he has tattooed on his back. But moral of the story we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and got his phone number. It was the craziest and funniest thing ever. There is a reason that sisters aren't allowed to serve in Cleveland.

Thank you for the love and prayers. I miss you all so much and would love to hear about how you are all doing. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the greatest blessing in our lives. We are the only people who have the true power of the Atonement. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Hope you all had a great week! Love you! :)

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